Environmental Policy

Charles F. Shiels & Company has been committed to the distribution of reputably produced forest products for over one hundred years. Due to the volatile nature of the specialty lumber business many operators are proprietary or family owned. Given the long term perspective required their legacy is the understanding and implementation of well managed and responsible silvacultural practices. Current and future generations rely on these resources being renewable, sustainable, and available.

Charles F. Shiels & Company is aligned with manufacturers who share this philosophy. We are members of the following associations: Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Association, Indiana Hardwood Lumber Association, Kentucky Forestry Industries Association, The National Hardwood Lumber Association, and The Ohio Forestry Association. These associations have or are in the process of getting certification for sustainable forests. Our imported products are obtained from suppliers who operate on the basis of sustainable forest management. Our commitment is manifested through support of these organizations and supplier members. Charles F. Shiels & Company takes this responsibility very seriously, and will continue to pursue sourcing only from likeminded companies. These companies adhere to strict compliance with the Lacey Act which prohibits illegal log and lumber trade.