About Us

Charles F. Shiels and Company traces it's origin to September 1891. The Company consisted of Charles F. and his brother Joseph E. Shiels, sons of a local sawmill owner. At the time Cincinnati was a center for steamboats, railroads, and the manufacturing of tools, furniture, office equipment, coffins, soap, and many other goods.

Shiels specialized in stock for wagon and carriage manufacturers throughout the Midwest. This led to supplying the factories producing furniture, cabinets, automobiles, machine tools, steel, road construction equipment, pumps, valves and many other industrial products.

Sons Paul, then Richard Shiels succeeded Charles F. as the principal. Marjorie DuBrul Shiels assumed ownership in 1968 at the time of her husband, Richard's death. Upon her retirement in 1988 her sons became the managing partners directing the company's growth. Marc (Buck) Shiels purchased the other half of the Company in June of 2010 and now solely leads the team at Shiels Lumber who work diligently maintaining the quality and service our customers have come to expect.


Today a several million foot inventory of the finest lumber from all over the world (especially the Ohio River Valley) has maintained the company's reputation for quality and service. A very experienced production and sales force coupled with company owned dry kilns, full planing mill, and trucks insures prompt attention and delivery to wood product users throughout the world.